#1 McDonald’s are finally launching ‘The McVegan’.
#2 Eat burgers with or without the peel?
#3 A breaded chicken piccata with lemon jasmine rice
#4 Robert Brownie jr isn’t real
#5 When you tryna eat someone’s food without them noticing
#6 If you don’t rinse your bread before eating it, don’t speak to me.
#7 How I picture my food looking after someone asks me to share.
#8 when your parents ask where all your money went
#9 For the past 3 years, my wife has made me a Yoshi cake for my birthday.
#10 Trump Sandwich_ souce: atlasobscura
#11 Me after watching 12 minutes of Masterchef
#12 Food is love!
#13 When you hear the word food
#14 When ur skinny friend invites you over but she doesn’t have any good snacks
#15 Sleeping next to someone you love makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression and helps you live longer
#16 Me thinking about my next meal after I just ate