Flirty Response to What Are You Thinking About

Flirty Response to “What Are You Thinking About”: 13 Common Questions with Answers

When engaged in a flirty conversation, it’s crucial to maintain an air of mystery and intrigue. One way to do so is responding to the question “What are you thinking about?” with a flirty and playful remark. This not only keeps the conversation exciting but also allows you to express your interest and attraction. In this article, we will explore some flirty responses to this question and provide you with 13 common questions along with their answers.

1. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”
This response immediately shows your interest and desire for the person you’re conversing with. It conveys that they are constantly on your mind, sparking curiosity and flattery.

2. “I’m picturing your smile right now.”
By mentioning their smile, you’re complimenting them and letting them know that you find them attractive. This response is bound to make them feel good about themselves and encourage further conversation.

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3. “I’m wondering what it would be like to hold your hand.”
This flirty response takes the conversation to a more intimate level. It implies physical closeness and affection, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement.

4. “I’m imagining our first date and all the fun we would have.”
This response hints at a potential future together, planting the idea of a romantic outing in their mind. It shows that you’re already envisioning a connection beyond the current conversation.

5. “I’m thinking about how lucky I am to be talking to someone as captivating as you.”
This response is a genuine compliment, expressing admiration for the person you’re conversing with. It highlights their captivating qualities and makes them feel special.

6. “I’m pondering the possibilities of us.”
By mentioning the possibilities of a romantic connection, you’re subtly expressing your interest in taking the conversation further. This response leaves room for further exploration and discovery.

7. “I’m imagining how amazing it would be to kiss you.”
This response introduces a hint of sensuality into the conversation. It shows your desire for physical intimacy and creates a playful atmosphere.

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8. “I’m contemplating the mystery that is you.”
Using the word “mystery” adds an element of intrigue and curiosity. It suggests that you’re intrigued the person you’re speaking to and want to delve deeper into their personality.

9. “I’m fantasizing about our next encounter.”
This response implies that you’re eagerly looking forward to seeing them again. It builds anticipation and creates a sense of excitement about future interactions.

10. “I’m thinking about how much I enjoy our conversations.”
This response is simple yet effective. It lets the person know that you genuinely enjoy talking to them, making them feel valued and appreciated.

11. “I’m daydreaming about the adventures we could embark on together.”
By mentioning adventures, you’re hinting at the possibility of shared experiences. This response sparks their imagination and invites them to envision a romantic journey with you.

12. “I’m wondering if you feel the same way I do.”
This response allows you to express your feelings while leaving room for them to reciprocate or explore their own emotions. It opens the door for a deeper emotional connection.

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13. “I’m thinking about how your voice makes my heart race.”
This flirty response focuses on the effect the person has on you. By mentioning their voice, you’re emphasizing their sensual appeal and creating a romantic atmosphere.

In conclusion, responding to the question “What are you thinking about?” with a flirty remark can add excitement and intrigue to a conversation. It allows you to express your interest and attraction while keeping the conversation playful and engaging. Make use of these 13 common questions and answers to add a touch of flirtation to your interactions, and watch as the sparks fly!

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