10 Funny Memes Today #5 Visualization Of The Financial Connections Between Powerful Organizations & People

#1 Study: Women need more sleep than men because they use their brains more
#2 Don’t rush
#3 what men actually want
#4 The most realistic part of Harry Potter
#5 The artist Mark Lombardi created visualization of the financial connections between powerful organizations and people.
#6 A propeller is just a big fan in front of the plane to keep the pilot cool.
#7 If you won the lottery and got 24 million dollars but your ex was in jail and the bail is 23 million WYD?
#8 English is not a language, it’s three languages wearing a trench coat pretending to be one.
#9 Poor guy Fell into this wastage drain and it took more than 10 hours to rescue
#10 Adele set fire to the rain Memes

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