#1 First time holding baby cousin.

family photos: first time holding baby cousin

#2 Family memes: Best husband Oscar award.

family parents memes best husband Oscar award

#3 Dog is a family member too.

bath time for my daughter and dog

#4 How to explain to my parents about online game.

can't pause online game

#5 Tell Mom the truth, they said, it will be fine, they said.

Parenting method: when Mommy said to kids " If you tell me the truth, you won't get in trouble"

#6 Awesome parenting: Cool Daddy made a T-shirt for his daughter.

parenting goals

#7 Tell a joke to your parents.

The conversation between parents and kids,how they turn kid's joke into a speech about life.

#8 Every young couple will know the feeling.

people lied

#9 Mom tells the dark joke to kid.

they will bring you back

#10 The reason we love our Grandparents.


10+ Life hacks will make you happy.