#1 Meet Dan, a good guy who buys coffee for everyone in the hospital.

Dan buys coffee for patients, nurses, doctors

#2 Sweet professor who takes care of his student’s newborn baby.

awesome professor feeding student's baby, faith in humanity restored.

#3 Thanks for those people who make our city clean.

fresh blankets for city workers

#4 Andre Johnson bought toys for kids every year.

Johnson bought toys for kids

#5 NYC police officer who gave his sweatshir to homeless man.

NYC police officer helped homeless man

#6 Wounded warrior who keeps Washington monument clean..

wounded warrior picks up trash

#7 A guy paid bills for cyring mother and daughter in a restaurant.

pay the bill for strangers

#8 Superman window washers in Pittsburgh children hospital.

window washer of children's hospital

#9 A kid who made his Dad proud by preparing some cold drink for people in a hot day.

restore faith in humanity

#10 A guy who playing cello for patients at a local cancer treatment center. My faith in humanity restored.

local cancer treatment center

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