#1 Good stories: We love Maroon 5 For Reasons!

Maroon 5 brand lay down with a fan with Down's syndrome.

#2 A story about good karma.

good karma: homeless get a job for rescuing an abandoned rabbit.

#3 Temar Boggs, a boy who makes us believe in our next generations!

Temar Boggs saved a 5-year-old girl who was snatched from her front yard.

#4 No words can describe my feelings right now.

the man after heart transplant surgery walking her in the wedding

#5 Barber level:9000

Barber help Autistic boy hair cut.

#6 Cool Dad’s Tattoo.

dad's tattoo for daughter.

#7  Give it up for this awesome teacher.

Elementary teacher help little boys with no dad

#8 Cool uncle wearing Frozen costume with his niece.

uncle wearing princess costume

#9 This Australian man prevented 160 suicides for 50 years.

stories: man prevented 160 suicides

#10 This awesome professor who took care of student’s baby during the class.

professor as good dad in the classroom

10+ Good Guy Police Officers