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Facebook Dating is a feature within the popular social media platform that allows users to explore potential romantic relationships. One of its key functionalities is the “See Who You Liked” feature, which lets users view a list of people they have shown interest in. In this article, we will delve into Facebook Dating’s “See Who You Liked” feature and answer some commonly asked questions about it.

Facebook Dating’s “See Who You Liked” feature is designed to enhance the dating experience offering users a way to keep track of the profiles they have expressed interest in. It serves as a convenient tool to revisit potential matches and make connections. Here are some important aspects to know about this feature:

1. How does “See Who You Liked” work?
When you browse through profiles on Facebook Dating and come across someone you find interesting, you can express your interest tapping the “Like” button on their profile. The “See Who You Liked” feature compiles a list of the profiles you have liked, allowing you to easily revisit them.

2. Where can I find the “See Who You Liked” list?
To access the list of profiles you have liked, simply open the Facebook Dating app and tap on the heart icon at the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to the “See Who You Liked” section.

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3. Can I unlike a profile?
Yes, you can. If you change your mind about someone you have liked, you can go to the “See Who You Liked” list and tap the “Undo” button next to their profile. This will remove your like from their profile.

4. Will the people I liked be notified?
No, the profiles you liked will not receive a notification about your interest. Facebook Dating respects your privacy and ensures that your actions remain discreet.

5. Can I message someone directly from the “See Who You Liked” list?
No, the “See Who You Liked” list is primarily for revisiting profiles. To start a conversation with someone, you need to match with them first. If the person you liked also shows interest in your profile, a match is created, and you can then send messages to each other.

6. Can I filter the “See Who You Liked” list?
Currently, Facebook Dating does not offer filtering options for the “See Who You Liked” list. However, you can manually scroll through the list to find the profiles you are interested in.

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7. Can I unlike multiple profiles at once?
At present, there is no option to unlike multiple profiles simultaneously. You have to go through the list and remove your likes individually.

8. Can I access the “See Who You Liked” list on the Facebook website?
No, Facebook Dating is a separate app within the Facebook ecosystem. Therefore, the “See Who You Liked” list can only be accessed through the Facebook Dating app on your mobile device.

9. Does the “See Who You Liked” list expire?
The “See Who You Liked” list does not have an expiration date. You can refer back to it whenever you want, as long as the profiles are still active on Facebook Dating.

10. Can I see if someone has liked me without liking them back?
No, Facebook Dating does not provide information about who has liked your profile unless you have also shown interest in their profile.

11. Can I remove someone from the “See Who You Liked” list if they have already matched with me?
No, once a match is established, the profile will no longer appear in the “See Who You Liked” list. You can continue interacting with them through the messaging feature.

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12. Can I export or share my “See Who You Liked” list?
Facebook Dating does not offer an option to export or share the “See Who You Liked” list. It is meant for personal reference only.

13. Is the “See Who You Liked” list visible to my Facebook friends?
No, your “See Who You Liked” list is completely private and is not visible to your Facebook friends or anyone else on the platform.

In conclusion, Facebook Dating’s “See Who You Liked” feature is a valuable tool for users to keep track of potential matches and revisit profiles they have shown interest in. It offers a convenient way to manage your dating experience within the Facebook ecosystem.

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