Jurassic Park-explain a film plot badly

#1 Jurassic Park: A startup company learns the importance of a proper IT budget.

Frozen-explain a film plot badly

#2 Frozen–After the death of her parents, a young socialite causes millions in property.

Harry Potter-explain a film plot badly

#3 Harry Potter: Boy spends 7 years being a third wheel.

Batman-explain a film plot badly

#4 A billionaire devotes his fortune to cosplay and beating up the mentally ill.

Titanic-explain a film plot badly

#5 A lot of people take the Ice Bucket Challenge. It doesn’t end well.

Narina-explain a film plot badly

#6 NARNIA: 4 kids come out of the closet.

ET-explain a film plot badly

#7 Illegal immigrant chased by the Feds.

Shrik-explain a film plot badly

#8 A guy learns to love a girl without her Instagram filters.

Twilight-explain a film plot badly

#9 a love triangle between an eighteen-year-old girl, a hundred-year-old guy and a dog.

Lord of the rings-explain a film plot badly

#10 LORD OF THE RINGS: Group spends 9 hours returning jewelry.

Star Wars-explain a film plot badly

#11 Star Wars: talking frog convinces son to kill his dad.

Not like rottentomatoes.com, Twitter account #ExplainAFlimPlotBadly is a place for you to twist the plot of most famous movies. It’s funny because those MOVIE COMMENTS are true. And those comments really trigger me want to watch those movies one more time.