#1 A reserved seat for your Ex.

VIP seat in restaurant funny meme

#2 Ex memes: An ice-cold heart of Ex.

found my ex's heart funny memes


#3 Google streeview captures the glorious moment.

Street View captures moment girlfriend kicked out of house


#4 Sweet dreams without Ex

sleep at night knowing meme

#5 A passive aggressive note to your Ex.

funny note to ex

#6 When Fire chief’s ex-wife house catches fire.

fire chiefs ex wife's house burns funny memes

#7 The conversion between you and your Ex.

communication with ex laughing memes

#8 How to remove your Ex out of your picture.

funny photoshop ex with a tree

#9 How to ignore your ex in public.

how to ignore your Ex in public

#10 The sign you officially over your Ex wife.

Ex memes: funny tattoo ex wife

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