10 Fresh Memes Today!#9 Engagement Photos Of An Owl And A Dog.

#1 Cake

cool amazon cake

#2 An inspiring badge I need “When life gives you lemons..”

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in people's eyes.

#3 Toys for boys at different ages.

boys never grow up, their toys just get bigger and more expensive.

#4 Every Monday morning goes to work.

funny animal memes Monday morning

#5 One crucial road caution signs “No pedestrians”

crazy fork lift driver in the boat yard

#6 So Grumpy cat found his Daddy.

funny grumpy cat daddy

#7 Women driving  vs. Men cooking.

women driving men cooking

#8 Don’t move the Nutella.

nutella holding up the shelf

#9 Here are some engagement photos of owl and dog.

funny dog owl engagement photos

#10 A ship called “RELATION”

the relation ship I want
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What do you think?

good guy bought coffee for everyone hospital

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Audi Japan rice cooker

10 Driving Memes!#2 Audi Japan Adds A Rice Cooker In Their Cars.