#1 Using vibrator make a electric toothbrushes

diy electric toothbrushes-everyday items

#2 Environmentalist’s bicycle

diy bicycle seat with wood

#3 Diy your own style car rear-view mirror, brilliant idea for vacation.

diy car rea-view mirror

#4 Low budget water tap

It is functional, easily to be changed. One penny does the all the thing you need
diy water tap with a straw--everyday items

#5 A printed car headlight? This guy is brilliant!

fix car headlight

#6 DIY your own smartphone speakers withing 10 minutes!

low cost smartphone speaker

#7 Emergency solution for cooking and shower just in case you’re an engineer and lazy.

kitchen food washing filter-everyday items

#8 Fork-shaver and sofa chair

Razors and shaving product feel shame to see this fork-shaver, and that is Sheldon’s spot!
fixing damaged sofa

#9 Flour-mixer

Don’t leave your husband alone in the kitchen!
kitchen flour mixer low cost

#10 Dog leash turns to a bathtub reading equipment

diy bathtub book reader
People love engineer, they’re smart and they use tools to make our life better and convenient. When you have any problems with your everyday items, go to a engineer, because, trust me, they can fix it! If It Looks Stupid, But It Works, It Ain’t Stupid.