#1 Memes: A happy peacock dog.

dog became peacock

#2 My dog keeps following me

dog following me to the bathroom

#3 This dog is concerned evening news.

dog watching the evening nes every single night

#4 Time to enjoy nature.

when you going upstate to spend time in nature

#5 Dog shaming

thought you were never coming home

#6 Dog lost

not all dogs are lost

#7 Only pack the essentials for your trip.

pack only what you need for short trip. dog memes

#8 Big dog is scared of small dog.

she's scared of smaller dogs

#9 Dog can be selfish.

haven't seen him all day

#10 No idea what I’m doing

no idea what i'm doing

10 Furniture Memes! #9 Kitty Jesus Rising From The Couch.