#1 Swans watching a turtle fight club

swans watching a turtle fight club


#2 The DHL guy is running late as usual.

truck accident UPS FEDEX

#3 When you have a nice car

hate when people thinking that just because they drive a nice car they can park like this.

#4 McDonalds in China has a delivery service.

McDonalds in China has delivery service. America is being out Americaned

#5 Wake up level: Disney princess

wake up from my nap and ended up in a disney movie

#6 Is the next generation growing up too fast?

this kid knows how to play the game

#7 Everyone has this problem with the headphones.

I give up. These are my headphones now

#8 This little girl knows just how to utilize her auntie.

I did my 6 year old nieces makeup then let her do mine

#9 When you get matching outfits with your pizza

you and your best friends have matching outfits

#10 Two moods

two sleeping moods