10+ Funny Parenting Memes #13 Seeing This Dad Bring His Daughter To Disney Movies

#1 You knew things were about to get good when she pulled out the butter sock.
#2 My mum: I gave all your old toys to your little cousins. 25 years old me.
#3 How hard we tried to figure out how the milk disappeared
#4 When your mom would brush your hair when you were younger and your face was this 90% of the time
#5 Sneaking out of kid’s room after they fall asleep.
#6 stomach hurts… because always on the phone…
#7 Me at 24 asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because I’m still looking for ideas
#8 dad’s message
#9 This dad is smart.
#10 This dad is an engineer.
#11 What if Mr. Krabs is Pearl’s Suga Daddy
#12 Dad and rubber ducks
#13 The only thing i like about working at the movie theater is seeing this dad bring his daughter to Disney movies

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