Did Garfield Die in the Last Comic

Title: Did Garfield Die in the Last Comic? Debunking the Myth


Garfield, the lovable fat cat created Jim Davis, has been entertaining readers for over four decades. With his lazy demeanor and sarcastic personality, Garfield has become an iconic character in the world of comics. However, a common question that often arises among fans is: Did Garfield die in the last comic? Let’s dive into this intriguing topic and debunk the myth surrounding Garfield’s fate.

The Last Comic:

Contrary to popular belief, Garfield did not die in the last comic. This misconception stems from a particular strip titled “Garfield’s Final Thought,” published on June 19th, 1991. In the strip, Garfield is depicted sitting alone on a windowsill, contemplating his life as a comic character. The final panel shows Garfield saying, “Am I real? Or am I just an illusion? A figment of someone’s imagination?” This thought-provoking strip left many readers speculating about Garfield’s fate.

Debunking the Myth:

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1. Did Garfield commit suicide in the last comic? Absolutely not! Garfield is a fictional character and cannot physically harm himself.

2. Was Garfield’s final thought an indication of his death? No, it was merely a philosophical musing, exploring the nature of his existence as a comic character.

3. Did Jim Davis intend to kill off Garfield in the last comic? No, this strip was not meant to be the conclusion of Garfield’s story. Jim Davis has continued to create new Garfield comics even after this strip’s publication.

4. Did the strip hint at an ending for Garfield? Not at all. It was a standalone strip meant to provoke thoughts and generate discussions among readers.

5. Is there any official statement about Garfield’s death? Jim Davis and the Garfield team have consistently denied any claims regarding Garfield’s death.

6. Are there any clues in subsequent comics about Garfield’s fate? No, Garfield has appeared in numerous comics since then, showcasing his usual antics and adventures.

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7. Was the strip meant to be ambiguous? Yes, the strip intentionally left readers with an open-ended conclusion, sparking debate and interpretation.

8. Did the strip mark the end of Garfield’s story? No, Garfield’s adventures have continued in various formats, including books, TV shows, and movies.

9. Did the strip affect the popularity of Garfield comics? On the contrary, the strip generated even more interest in the series, as readers speculated about Garfield’s fate.

10. Did the strip bring closure to Garfield’s character? Not at all. Garfield’s character continues to evolve and entertain readers, leaving no room for closure.

11. Is there a hidden meaning behind the strip? While open to interpretation, the strip was primarily a creative exploration of Garfield’s self-awareness as a comic character.

12. Is there a definitive answer to whether Garfield died in the last comic? No, as the strip was not meant to provide an answer. It was designed to spark discussion and let readers interpret it in their own way.

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13. Can we expect more Garfield comics in the future? Yes, Jim Davis has expressed his commitment to continuing the Garfield series, ensuring fans can enjoy new adventures of their favorite lasagna-loving cat.


The myth surrounding Garfield’s death in the last comic has persisted for years, but it is nothing more than a misconception. “Garfield’s Final Thought” was a thought-provoking strip that left readers contemplating the nature of Garfield’s existence as a comic character. However, Garfield continues to thrive in the comic world, with no signs of his demise. So, rest assured, Garfield fans can continue to enjoy his humorous escapades for many years to come.

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