10 Dentist Memes. #9 How To Choose The Right Dentist!

#1 That gives me much confidence to choose this dental clinic.

funny dentist office sign less painful than an episode of Jersey Shore.

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#2 You’re being judged for the bad oral health.

funny dentist office decorations

#3 Your friend’s cat officially has more money than me.

funny cat golden teeth

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#4 Also me going to see my date in an hour.

funny dentist appointment

#5 Dentists Hate This Lay Chips Guy.

funny cheap dentist tricks

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#6 Turns out Dentist also has brilliant Halloween pumpkin ideas!

funny dentist Halloween pumpkin ideas

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#7 Gollum before and after seeing a dental clinic in Denmark.

funny dentist waiting room decoration gollum teeth

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#8 One of the best dental greeting cards.

funny dentist jokes greeting card

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#9 Dentist brings dog to calm down nervous child patient, because he loves his canines!

dentist dog calm down children patient

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#10 The reason I love dentist.

funny dentist quotes dentists make great flossophers

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Meet “Rademenesa”, The World First Nursing Cat.

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