#1 When you want your online dating picture to say “I know how to take care of my property, but I also know how to relax”
#2 Me before a date: don’t dress weird, don’t act weird, don’t say anything weird.
#3 When you go out with a girl you met off Snapchat and she ain’t wearing her dog ears for the date
#4 When you show up to your tinder date & they look nothing like their profile pic
#5 me dating at 23 vs. at 33
#6 My girl got her feet done for our date tonight.
#7 Just a man enjoying a bottle of wine on a romantic date with his bulldog.
#8 dating in your 30’s
#9 When you just started dating and find out you have different kissing styles
#10 When you on your first date and he say “I’m not like other guys”, but you just there for the food so it don’t matter.
#11 i went on a first date and asked the hostess to seat us in the most romantic part of the restaurant. not what i expected
#12 When you’re on a first date and accidentally let some of your personality slip out
#13 so my grandpa is 93 and still takes my grandma on dates weekly. here’s them getting ready this morning
#14 At this point my next date better be either “The One” or a serial killer because I have no desire to keep doing this.
#15 How cute!