Date When Blackpink Stopped Making Music

Title: The Date When BLACKPINK Stopped Making Music: A Glimpse Into Their Journey

Introduction (100 words):
BLACKPINK, the sensational South Korean girl group, has taken the music industry storm with their fierce talent and captivating performances. However, there was a time when fans were left wondering about the date when BLACKPINK stopped making music. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind their hiatus, their journey since then, and answer some common questions that fans have been curious about.

The Hiatus and its Reasons (150 words):
BLACKPINK’s hiatus began after their last release in April 2019, with the single “Kill This Love.” Following the success of their world tour, the group took a break to focus on individual projects and personal growth. Members Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa utilized this time to explore solo endeavors, including collaborations with renowned artists and pursuing acting opportunities.

Their Journey Since the Hiatus (150 words):
While BLACKPINK temporarily ceased making music as a group, their individual careers flourished. Jennie released her solo debut, “SOLO,” which achieved massive success, quickly surpassing 600 million views on YouTube. Rosé showcased her incredible vocals with her solo project, “R,” captivating fans worldwide. Additionally, Lisa became a mentor on the Chinese survival show “Youth With You 2,” gaining recognition for her exceptional dance skills. Jisoo ventured into acting, making her debut in the highly anticipated South Korean drama “Snowdrop.”

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Common Questions about BLACKPINK’s Hiatus (400 words):

1. Why did BLACKPINK go on hiatus?
BLACKPINK went on hiatus to focus on individual projects and personal growth.

2. When did BLACKPINK go on hiatus?
BLACKPINK started their hiatus after their last release in April 2019.

3. Was the hiatus planned?
Yes, the hiatus was planned to allow the members to pursue individual endeavors.

4. Did BLACKPINK disband during the hiatus?
No, BLACKPINK did not disband. The members remained under their agency, YG Entertainment.

5. Did any of the members release solo music during the hiatus?
Yes, Jennie and Rosé released solo music during the hiatus.

6. What other activities did the members engage in during the hiatus?
Apart from solo music activities, Lisa became a mentor on the Chinese survival show “Youth With You 2,” while Jisoo made her acting debut in the drama “Snowdrop.”

7. Did BLACKPINK continue to perform together during the hiatus?
While they did not release new music, BLACKPINK continued to perform together at various events and awards shows.

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8. Did BLACKPINK’s hiatus affect their popularity?
Surprisingly, the hiatus seemed to increase their popularity as fans eagerly anticipated their return, resulting in even greater anticipation for their future releases.

9. Did BLACKPINK face any challenges during the hiatus?
Although the hiatus was generally well-received, some fans expressed concerns about the length of time between comebacks.

10. Did BLACKPINK win any awards during their hiatus?
Yes, BLACKPINK won several awards during their hiatus, including multiple People’s Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and Gaon Chart Music Awards.

11. When did BLACKPINK make their comeback after the hiatus?
BLACKPINK made their comeback on June 26, 2020, with their pre-release single “How You Like That.”

12. Did BLACKPINK’s comeback after the hiatus receive a positive response?
Yes, their comeback was met with immense enthusiasm from fans worldwide, setting numerous records on various music platforms.

13. Are there any future plans for BLACKPINK after their hiatus?
Yes, BLACKPINK has a promising future ahead, with plans for new music releases, collaborations, and potential world tours.

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Conclusion (50 words):
BLACKPINK’s hiatus served as a transformative period for the group, allowing them to explore their individual talents and grow both personally and professionally. The date when BLACKPINK stopped making music was a stepping stone towards their remarkable journey, and fans eagerly await their future endeavors as a group.

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