Dad Takes Over Daughter’s Social Media As Punishment For 2 Weeks, And Is Going Viral.

When 15-year-old Madelynn was caught helping  “sneak boys into a sleep-over,”, her parents Tawnya Ford and Larry Sumpter decided she needed to be punished. They gave her a choice: one month without a phone or two weeks without a phone and they get full control of her social media  accounts.

According to TODAY,  the takeover officially began on November 11th. Then Larry started to post selfies on Instagram with the caption ‘felt cute, might delete later’. When the whole thing started, Madelynn’s instagram account had under 3K followers. As of this writing, it boasts 12.8K.

For example, Larry gazed at the camera while laying in bed
Then came the wigs.

Madelynn apparently regret immediately after these first posts went up, but Larry would not accept. “We’re always down to embarrass our kids!” Tawnya laughed.

The takeover expanded beyond Instagram onto her TikTok. Larry danced on TikTok wearing a crop top and jean shorts.

Day 3

Day 9

After Madelynn got her social media back, she posted an innocent picture of her early years on Instagram, saying, “I’m back sweeter than ever and ready to make good choices.”

Can Madelynn live up to her dad’s creative streak?

What do you think?

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