10 Cutest Sleeping Dog Pictures That Will Make Your Day

#1 This dog sleeping with his stuffed toy

dog and toys

#2 She fell asleep while eating

dog fell asleep while eating

#3 My dog fell asleep with the ball in his mouth.

dog fell asleep with the ball in his mouth

#4 This puppy fell asleep during his walk.

dog sleeping during his walk

#5 She fell asleep in the dishwasher.

dog sleeping

#6 This pregnant dog sleeps like this.

pregnant dog sleeping

#7 When you are in the traffic jam

puppy sleeping in the car

#8 Me on weeknights

sleeping dog meme

#9 When you have sleepover with your friends…

sleepover with friends

#10 Small dogs sleeping in large beds

small dogs snoozing on large places

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