Thinking outside of the box! Look at how those kids answer their test differently. They are definitely going places.

#1 Ice is hard water, steam is soft water?

funny test answers : hard water is ice

#2 This kid is my hero.

kid's clever answers to test

#3 Alternative way to solve the math question.

funny math test answers

#4 Brilliant answers.

genius test answers in school

#5 How might Colombia solve the problem?

kids answers test in a genius and funny way

#6 What ended in 1896? Can’t deny that answer.

how smart kid answer test differently at school exam

#7 Look at the hand on the head !!

funny kid math test answers

#8 That’s why those kids are going places !!

this kid going places: short and to the point answer to society test

#9 Name the quadrilateral.

funny kid answer to the test question differently.

#10 A+ for creativity!

kid creative answers to all test questions

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