#1 Soft kitty coffee mug.

cute kitty mug, gift ideas


#2 A creative library cake

library cake, birthday present

#3 “You’ve been poisoned, just kidding” coffee mug

coffee cup gift "you've been poisoned"


#4 One US Dollar Earthquake detection kit

earthquake detection kit gift


#5 The most honest gift to a teacher, a bottle of wine.

funny gift for teacher: our child might be the reason you drink.

#6 Homemade baby shower cards (with 11 pins)

gift for newborn, baby shower cards ideas

#7 Uncle gives the best graduation gifts

graduation gift ideas


#8 In case of miracle…

funny gift ideas: in case of miracle, break class "durex condom".


#9 Best birthday gift kit.

senior citizen survival kit gift

#10 Stress relief gift before finals.

stress relief gift before finals


11 Insanely Cute Cooking Tools.