There’s one thing you can’t avoid: ladies love country boys! Enjoy these 10 pictures with funny caption! The last one will definitely make you laugh to death!

#1 Save a horse, ride a cowboy.

ride cow boy

#2 Two things that get sexier when covered in mud

sex men and trucks

#3 I lost my thought…

lost thought seeing cowboy

#4 Women always have time for sexy country boys.

little time for country boy

#5 Forget bad boys and get a country boy

I want a country boy

#6 Someone fetch me a baby.

someone fetch me a baby

#7 Fish jumped out of the water because of him

fishes jump to cowboy

#8 Girl’s fantasy: rockstar, cowboy and biker

fantasy cowboy

#9 Look harder!

brown horse and cowboy

#10 Fantasy vs. Reality!

funny cowboy picture