#1 A lizard dares to show his attitude to the owner.

funny lizard gecko in cage

#2 “Peace” is already in Lizard’s soul and spirits.

funny lizard picture peace sign

#3 “Sacrifice” is their relationship goal.

funny lizards sleeping together


#4 They’re strongly curious about their ancestors.

funny lizard watching Jurassic park

#5 They like to make fun with cat.

funny lizard makes face to cat

#6 Spending their lazy afternoon with a leaf guitar.

Lizard playing leaf guitar
(h/t: boredpanda)

#7 Lizards are ridiculously photogenic.

funny photogenic lizard

#8 Another photogenic lizard

Photogenic lizard

#9 Looks like photogenic is already in their DNA.

photogenic lizard cute pose


#10 Apologies if youve already seen a lizard balancing berries on its head today..

cool lizard balancing berries