#1 Low space of your laptop?  Let your puppy give it a megabite.

pupper help with the laptop by giving a megabite

#2 Internet connection issues

When your computer says it is connected to the internet but nothing loads:

#3 When 90s get old…

which video game telates to your life.

#4 Microsoft says goodbye to “Paint”.

microsoft saying goodbye to paint

#5 A hint given by pc when you can’t find all your files.

all your files are exactly where you left them liar computer

#6 Just hird a  clumsy computer hacker.

hacker voice of the computer

#7 Don’t fart in an apple store memes

don't fart in an apple store because they don't have windows

#8 Watching cat video offline.

when the internet is down, but you still need your cat video fix

#9 Why Apple is the oldest computer?

the oldest computer traced back to adam and eve. Surprise ! Surprise! It was an Apple. But with extremely limited memory. Just 1 byte. Then everything crashed.

#10 You think your Macbook sticker is cool? I bet this “The Last Airbender Aang’s Avatar” is way cooler.

coolest macbook sticker ever

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