College Students Memes: #9 So Much Knowledge, So Much Debt.

#1 You either graduate or you die.

game of thrones grad cap interest is coming


#2 The only reason that I don’t sleep in class.

college loans memes tuition class

#3 Water you doing? I’m not pooling you out if you drown, just saying.

student loans humor memes debt grades


#4 Walking debt.

university students loans humor walking debt

#5 As someone who graduates in 4 months, I confirm this feeling is true.

student loan first payment fire

#6 “Student Loan Recipient” is my slave name.

student loan recipient slave name

#7 Life hack to get out of your student loan debt.

student loans life hacks tips

#8 New definition of “Student loan”.

funny student loan definition


#9 So Much Knowledge, So Much Debt.

university commencement college debt


#10 Signing college loans,signing your soul away.

sign college loans memes

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