#1 Coffee maker who has a great personality.

coffee maker has a great personality

#2 Job interview tips

funny job interview memes special skills


#3 Go home Bathroom, you’re drunk.

cool bathroom

#4 2017 is a weird year, a man bought engagement ring for his life size doll.

engagement ring for doll

#5 Begging for food is exhausting.

dog begging for food

#6  The ole razzle dazzle.

funny dog memes tank sinatra


#7 Duck king.

life purpose is duck king

#8 Grandma’s house is a magic place.

grandma parenting

#9 “My parents will never notice I’m drunk…”

picked up from a party

#10 Meanwhile on the way to airport.

on the way to the airport

Keep the warmth of coffee mug with baby chicks