#1 Please don’t tell Mom.

claasical art picture memes

#2 The worst cooking.

funny claasical art picture memes

#3 Typical pictures on Facebook.

funny classical paint memes jesus

#4 The nightmare for a substitute teacher.

funny classical piant memes teacher class

#5 Jesus can do whatever he wants.

funny medieval jesus memes

#6 A soldier can’t remember if he put out the candle or not.

funny classical pictures memes

#7 When you show off your new online ordered clothes to your friend.

funny classical paint memes pick it on sale

#8 Classical art memes: Nice body.

Medieval classical art memes nice body

#9 No eye contact to the teacher.

awesome classical art memes teacher question

#10 Typical lie “I will pull it out”.

funny classical art memes pull it out