#1 Not to read the apple terms & conditions has consequences.

Adam and Eve not to read apple terms and conditions

#2 Keep calm and read bible

bae dates me

#3 The bible verse: Lunch 11.35

bible verse keeps me going

#4 When you’re about to light someone’s ass up…

dank jesus meme

#5 Inner me: we mus crusade.

evil inner me

#6 I drive by faith not by sight, LOL

funny car

#7 Jesus says: “love your enemy.”

funny tshirt jesus

#8 When you wanna be petty but the Holy Spirit got your back

Holy Spirit got your back

#9 Jesus ordered  water in restaurant.

jesus in restaurant

#10 Wikipedia: List of people burned as heretics

Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition

#11 Photobomb

photobombed by jesus

#12 California sins triggered.


#13 Big table for the last supper

The Last Supper funny meme

#14 The worst navigation ever!

the worst navigation ever

#15 He’s turning water into wine.

tinder profile

#16 When the power of Christ compels you

The power of Christ compels you

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