10 Funny Memes Today #3 Christ Is Watching

#1 These bees rescuing their queen

bees chasing car

#2 “People bury things that are much more valuable than cars and nobody seems to care.”

chiquinho scarpa buried bentley

#3 Christ is watching.

christ is watching

#4 The fate or a horse?

disney memme

#5 Double bed shown for scale

double bed shown for scale

#6 The expectation from the first day in school of this boy

expectation from the first day in school

#7 This guy is living in 3017

live in 3017

#8 Cut toxic people out in 2018

put tape over webcam

#9 Tic Tacs doesn’t deceive us!

tic tacs has 100 pieces

#10 It’s big enough.

trouble of KFC

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