#1 I bet Leonardo Dicaprio knows the best girl scout cookies.

Leo looks at his girl scout cookies

#2 Chicky chicky boom boom

chicky boom funny

#3 Social life nowadays: When someone starts giving your attention.

cut cats funny memes

#4 Spending hours in drawing pens to prank office ladies! Your boss must be very lucky to have you! Or, are you the boss?

drawing pens screwing with people

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#5 You need $50,000 worth of debt to truly appreciate blackout drunk.

debt for education USA


#6 Golden tweets made by  Gordon Ramsay.



#7 Grandma made a shark blanket as a Christmas gift.

grandma's shark blanket

#8 Paws off to my girlfriend new buying sexy lingerie.

paws off funny sexy lingerie


#9 Ultimate Chicken Fry Cooking Tools.

chicken fry cooking tips

#10 Self checkout in the office

wolves funny memes


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