#1 Ariana Grande On mythbusters

Ariana Grande Twitter kneels on very tiny stool


#2 Keanu Reeves is never being so happy…

Keanu Reeves running away with camera taken from a paparazi guy

#3 Daniel Bell met his 5-year-old super fan.

John Boyega star wars met Daniel Bell

#4 Kanya is sad about everything.

Kany in the audition for star wars

#5 Take a trip in California, meet Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger with my parents

#6 Beyonce & Jay Z are never being so happy.

Beyounce & Jay Z laughing priceless

#7 Beyonce and Jay Z make jokes each other.

jay z and beyonce joke

#8 Adam Sandler wearing fan’s T-shirt.

boy gave Adam Sandler a t-shirt

#9 Johnny Depp being a mailman…

Johnny Depp is new mailman

#10 If Rock run for president in 2020.

the Rock runs for president in 2020