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2015 resolutions checked: Volkswagen Camper Van Tent

Fancy Home
Mar 2, 2015

If you love music, mud and Mother Nature you’re probably heading to a camp site at some point this summer. But why take shelter in some dull, conventional tent when you can recreate the Summer of Love in the hippie-tastic VW Camper Van Ten?via

Extremely Cool Animal Chairs With The Exact Size Of The Animals.

Fancy Home
Feb 27, 2015

Maximo Riera, who is a talent designer behind those amazing Animal Chairs collections. See his more creative works on

Flying Carpet Green Rug, I Want It So Bad.

Fancy Home
Feb 23, 2015

It is a combination of an area rug and furniture. The result is an undulating rug which you can rest on or just feel comfortable while you watch TV or read. cool furniture rug designs. via