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Modern cookbook: Stunning Visual Recipes.

Cool stuffs
Nov 22, 2014

Modern cookbook Visual Recipes
Modern cookbook designed by Nora Luther uses beautiful photos of food to show and explain different recipes.

Shark Attack Mug.

Cool stuffs
Nov 14, 2014

funny creative shark attack mug designs
The Shark Attack Mug makes breakfast a little more dangerous.The first few sips from this innocent looking porcelain mug are pretty tame, but as you continue drinking, things get a lot more exciting. What’s that lurking in the murky depths of your relaxing morning coffee? HOLY CRAP, IT’S A SHARK!via

Bicycle Saddle Lock. How can something this simple be so brilliant!

Cool stuffs
Nov 8, 2014

bicycle saddle lock creative invention designs
Innovative bicycle seat can be quickly unfolded and transformed into a high quality lock. Seatlock is fully compatible with any bicycle. Very easy to install and use. Comfortable bicycle saddle comes in various colors and designs. Secure lock is integrated into the seat. via