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Homer iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Decal Sticker.

Cool stuffs
Dec 7, 2014

Homer iPhone 6 Decal Sticker 540x360
Homer iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Decal Sticker.Avery/3M technology for easy application and clean removal.via

This would be fun until you realize you been there for more than 30 minutes.

Cool stuffs
Dec 7, 2014
creative traffic lights button play pong

In Germany you can play pong with the person on the other side of traffic lights.

20,000 Leagues Octopus Diamond Ring.

Cool stuffs
Dec 3, 2014
cool octopus diamond ring designs 540x575

This playful and luxurious fantasy diamond, ruby & black silver ring is a masterful rendering of a favorite eight-armed sea creature, the octopus, in 2.70 carats of diamonds.via