#1 Cats Who Immediately Regretted Their Poor Life Choices.

cat memes, cat crying in bathroom

#2 Dramatic cat in the bathroom.

dramatic cat faces

#3 A cat thought he is a dog.

cat likes pepperoni

#4 Computer or me, make a choice!

cat memes: get the treats or pull the plug

#5 Cat is fascinated with wash machine.

cat sat for half an hour watching wash machine

#6 Cats being jerks.

cats being jerks: cat won't stop unplugging the fan


#7 The argument is not done yet!

cat memes: hearing them mumble something after arguing

#8 Funny cat memes.

funny cat pictures: pole cap for part of cat's face

#9 When you move to a new apartment, there’re always curious new neighbors

funny cat photos, curious new neighbors

#10 How cat wakes up a computer.

funny laptop snaps a photo of a cat.

10 Funny dogs today! Dogs are the best travel buddies.