#1 The coolest way to drive motor with your girl friend.

barbie at the back seat of Motorcycle

#2 So Audi Japan adds a rice cooker in the car.

audi A8 Japan edition

#3 How to find out your car is getting a little dramatic…

car is dramatic

#4 Amazing dirty car turns into art.

dirty car looks like artistic mountain scene

#5 This car license plate is not joking “MUAHAHA”

funny license plate

#6 The advantage for a big guy driving a small car.

gas station laziness level

#7 So saw Shriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear tried to escape today.

guys on the back of car

#8 So a car is giving birth on the way.

miracle of birth on the way

#9 Best windshield note left for the terrible driver

parking problem

#10 Now I understand why this car is chosen as the ugliest car ever, it’s called “Fiat Multipla”.

ugly car Fiat Multipla fun

Daddy shows deep love to their favorite cars (BMW and Jaguar)