#1 This Carrot is sexier than most of us.

sexy carrot,funny vegetables

#2 You want a challenge? I will give you a challenge.

salad with carrot: funny vegetables

#3 Emotional carrot concludes the problem of the world.

funny carrot looks like people

#4 Sexy carrot knows she looks good.

carrots puns: sexy carrot, funny vegetables

#5 This is a qualified astronaut.

Funny Carrot looks like astronaut

#6 Those carrots feel sad, because the world carrot at all..

Funny carrot looks like kid hugs mother

#7 They do carrot your lost wedding rings

Swedish woman found lost wedding ring on carrot.

#8 They have proved conclusively that “wife is always right”

lost wedding ring found in a carrot

Carrot proves “wife is always right”.