#1 Choosing transportation wisely in Canada

visiting canada uber transportation

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#2 Canadian facts: “You can do it!”

Canadian inspiration quotes funny

#3 Get a tan in Canada.

funny Canada cold weather snowing

#4 Sports: Canada Hockey Team Inspirations.

Canada hockey game billboard loser keeps Biber

#5 Canada public transportation has the best attitude.

Canada memes bus apologize accidents

#6 How Canadians enjoy their entertainment.

Canadian polite and boring jokes

#7 Canada is really really cold…

Canada cold spill coffee

#8 Only happens in Canada: How Canadian fix road problems.

meanwhile in Canada road potholes flowers

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#9 It’s not surprise if a Cafe doesn’t provide WIFI in Canada.

funny Canada Cafe signs no Wifi talk to each other

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#10 Canada police officer vs. American police officer

funny Canada police officer vs USA

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#11 Self-service supermarket in Canada is a common thing.

funny Canada memes: Canadian left coins when there is no cashier in the counter.

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