#1 Hilarious gravestone: WHAT a wonderful woman. I wish I had known her!

funny tombstones if you can read this, you are standing on my boobs.


#2 That’s it, I’m so stealing this for my epitaph.

Tombstones: all dressed up and no place to go

#3 The ultimate Fudge Recipe: This is way too awesome to be real.

humor tombstones Fudge Recipe


#4 It’s just amazing that people with the sense of humor even the subject was death. “I was hoping for a pyramid”.

I was hoping for a pyramid

Gerri Gray

#5 That’s a fun and stylish tombstone.

funny stylish tombstones

#6 Mom’s Christmas Cookies.

on the backside of mom's headstone


#7 Spike Milligan, “I Told You I Was Sick”

funny tombstones i told you i was sick


#8 That’s so deep…

awesome tombstones now I know something you don't


#9 She answers the call.

she answered

 #10 Finally find a park space

hilarious tombstone finally found a place to park in Georgetown

Life Hacks: 10 Old Yet Practical Tips.