#1 Buying books from Amazon…

amazon box on truck funny memes

#2 Iraq book market: Reader don’t steal, thieves don’t read.

book market in Iraq funny pictures

#3 Funny book memes: My weekend plan…

gardening and sex weekend book memes

#4  The splendid book design: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empirebrilliant book design


#5 Public library parking garage at Kansas City.

funny parking garage designed as giant bookshelf

#6 Phobia pop-up book

phobia pop-up book funny meme

#7 How to properly read these books

read book choose your own adventure funny memes

#8 Solid advice: How to read this book.

solid advice funny book

#9 Books can IMPACT your life.

the impact of book

#10 There’s a book about potato.

the history and social influence of the potato funny memes

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