#1 England doesn’t have Black Friday!

funny black Friday memes England shopping

#2 Genius Black Friday Walmart vest selling idea.

funny Black Friday Walmart vest

#3 The excited Friday is TODAY!

funny fortune cookie notes black friday

#4 Why Thanksgiving day is one day after Black Friday?

Funny Black Friday Memes

#5 Those Thanksgiving Gifts Which You Shopped on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving gifts quotes

#6 Americans vs. Canadians on Black Friday.

Black Friday in Canada

#7 One of the greatest prank on Black Friday.

funny Black Friday prank

#8 Music You Must Listen Before Rush Into The Store.

Black Friday playlist music
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#9 I need this tool for reasons!

awesome Black Friday shopping tools

#10 The only quote I like today!

Black Friday quotes: Just let me shop & No one gets hurt.

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