10 Fresh Pics! #1 When We Compare Bitcoin And College Tuition Fee.

1. Bitcoin vs. college tuition fee.

I’m sick of hearing about BITCOIN! Nothing can increase by that much and still be a good investment…..

bitcoin and price of college tuiton

2. 8 Year Old’s Letter To Santa.

A kid wrote a letter to Santa not for remote control car and helicopter, but he wants something else…

8 Year Old's Letter To Santa

3. This is how I love social media.

Minding my own business watching other peoples drama unfold on social media

drama on social media

4. Why Uber driver is the best

 A message sent by Uber sometimes can touch your heart.

funny uber driver

5. Grandma loves Memes too.

 My 79-year-old grandma has a meme framed

grandma framed a meme

6. That’s a stunning picture of a spider.

 Spider floating on water made a unique shadow

Spider floating on water made a unique shadow

7. Funny comments about sports.

 Here are some funny comments about sports.

sports program

8. Driving on the highway.

 Gives a thumbs down instead of the finger can hurt more.

thumbs down

9. The legend will never die.

 Police officer avoids bullet thanks to the Nokia Lumia 520 in his pocket

the legend will never die

10. Waiting to exhale

 Stupid people on social media: “If they discovered oxygen in 1774, how did people breath before then?”

waiting to exhale

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