#1 Me listening to songs about drugs, and murder on my way to pick up Pepto-Bismol cause my tummy hurts
#2 When your favorite teacher yells at you.
#3 Asian tourists
#4 Everything is better with cake.
#5 It makes sense now.
#6 when im in the middle of having a whole conversation with myself in the shower and someone knocks on the door
#7 Do not touch!
#8 Get a doll and drape fabric around it. Spray generously with Aleene’s Fabric Quick Stiffening Spray and let it dry. Now , remove the doll and sit the fabric back down!
#9 Kong Fu Panda
#10 Humans are funny creatures
#11 Airpods leeked
#12 They finna play me while I’m dead just like they did when I was alive LOL
#13 “you can’t just run away from you problems forever”
#14 theater worker: enjoy the movie me: “you too”
#15 When mom divorces dad and u have to help him set up his tinder account