#1 Cute Beneblip Cumberpat.

Cute puppy cumberpat on weratedog

#2 Dog Jesus!

awesome dog walks water: dog Jesus

#3 Dog awful smile!

funny dog awful smile

#4 Looks exactly like my son!

funny dog dresses like boy

#5 High speed police chase!

funny dog high speed chase

#6 The cutest walrus I’ve ever seen!

funny dog looks like walrus

#7 This manipulative little thing!

funny manipulative dog

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#8 Always keeping alert.

funny dog one ear down

#9 An aspiring shoe model!

funny dog wears shoes

#10 Puppy with shark costume.

cute puppy wearing costume shark

#11 A Rex in the pool!

funny dog in pool

Awesome Duck Saved Dog In Depression For 2 Years.