No more boring when you visiting museum if you add some snapchats on those awesome arts (paintings, statues). Below are 8 expensive and awesome arts becoming one part of the meme culture on the Internet, we call that “Art snapchats”!
#1 He’s radioactive!!
museum snapchats birth Jesus painting

# 2 Only single lady knows the feeling

museum snapchats L'absinthe painting

#3 Are you kidding me? 8 inches?

funny museum snapchats paintings

#4 Don’t touch me, I’m fabulous!

funny museum pantings with snapchat meme

#5 How I look like when I’m dancing “Thriller”

museum snapchat paintings

#6 “Jesus, you’re correcting my grammar?”

museum snapchat Jesus paintings

#7 “Going down stairs”

museum snapchat funny

#8 “But, Mooom!”

funny museum snapchat statues