#1 This guy looks like a thumb.

my friend has thumb face funny picture

#2 A cat who wants to go to class.

cat trying to go to class with me

#3 A magazine at doctor’s office.

funny magazine at doctor's office

#4 A shark photobombed an aquarium wedding photo.

funny aquarium wedding photos shark photobomb

#5 A healthy breakfast of yogurt, peach, and apple disguised as an egg and fries.

healthy breakfast of yogurt and fruit as Egg and Fries

#6 Happy boxes seeing the recycle truck.

recycle truck coming

#7 “Having an affair? We cater!”

sandwiches know the adultery needs

#8 A girl looks like a girl in a classical paint.

she came back to life

#9 Funny wet floor sign: summon a janitor.

someone trying to summon janitor

#10 That one delicious pineapple pizza!

the tables have turned funny memes

10 Fresh Memes!#7 The Darkest Slogan For Family Photo Studio.