Animal profiles attached with human descriptions, it is a new thing on the Internet now. Which animal do you think you’re fitting?

#1 Cat profile: Kim who has 2 boys.

Animal profiles: cat with human hair

#2 Dog profile: Slade who loves playing guitar.

animal profiles: funny dog groom hair

#3 Dog profile: Colby who is a broke music DJ.

cute dog music DJ

#4 Dog profile: Phil, a mid-age man who hates family vacation.

funny dog memes: family vacation
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#5 Dog profile: Tim, a hipster who lies on Tinder.cute dog hair style

#6 Dog profile: Rick, who smokes cigars and watches Fox News.

funny dog memes: watching newspapers

#7 Dog profile: Gage, who drives a Prius and a documentary film enthusiast.

cute dog wearing glasses

#8 dog profile: Mark, a cool athletic director

cute dog wearing jacket

#9 Dog profile: Sharon, who recently divorced.

funny dog with cool hair

#10 Animal profiles: Ellie, who is a “Instagram model”.

funny squirrel Instagram model

Here is one of our favorite pics:

Little Sheldon introducing Pokemon Go! to his Mom.