10 Animal Profiles That Precisely Described As Adult People.

Animal profiles attached with human descriptions, it is a new thing on the Internet now. Which animal do you think you’re fitting?

#1 Cat profile: Kim who has 2 boys.

Animal profiles: cat with human hair

#2 Dog profile: Slade who loves playing guitar.

animal profiles: funny dog groom hair

#3 Dog profile: Colby who is a broke music DJ.

cute dog music DJ

#4 Dog profile: Phil, a mid-age man who hates family vacation.

funny dog memes: family vacation
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#5 Dog profile: Tim, a hipster who lies on Tinder.cute dog hair style

#6 Dog profile: Rick, who smokes cigars and watches Fox News.

funny dog memes: watching newspapers

#7 Dog profile: Gage, who drives a Prius and a documentary film enthusiast.

cute dog wearing glasses

#8 dog profile: Mark, a cool athletic director

cute dog wearing jacket

#9 Dog profile: Sharon, who recently divorced.

funny dog with cool hair

#10 Animal profiles: Ellie, who is a “Instagram model”.

funny squirrel Instagram model

Here is one of our favorite pics:

Little Sheldon introducing Pokemon Go! to his Mom.


What do you think?

Dog trust fall video, gif

Dog Performs Trust Fall, Totally Nail it!

Princess cat, beautiful kitty from Instagram

Princess Cat Who Already Dominates Instagram, Soon Will Be Pinterest.