#1 Tom Hiddleston golden quotes “we all have two lives”

Tom Hiddleston: we all have two lives

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#2 The proper birthday cake when you forgot how old he is.

birthday cake for my boyfriend

#3 Two brothers, different fortune.

brothers won the lottery on the same day

#4 Facebook messenger prank

hold it for 2 seconds

#5 Monster in toilet

how to use toilet paper

#6 iPhone battery is dead, still able to show the charging sign.

Iphone's problem

#7 You pack the right essentials!

packing the essentials

#8 Amazon has some amazing stuff: Shark cat bed.

pet beds on Amazon

via Amazon

#9 Time to change your name: Noah.

spelling problem with Noah

#10 “Good boy is always a good boy.”

stupid idea to chain dog

10 Fresh Cat Memes! #Cat watch: it keeps telling you it’s a nap time.