Meet Yue, The 82-year-old Chinese Basketball Granny.

Have you ever thought what you will do when you were 80 years old? Well, one Chinese old lady has the best answer! Meet Yue, an 82-year-old Chinese woman who inspired a lot of young generations with her astonishing skills on the basketball court. Everyone calls her “Basketball Granny.”

82 year old chinese basketball granny

Basketball granny Yue demonstrates her awesome basketball skills in front of a group of kids.

chinese basketball grannny

Can you play basketball seriously with young kids when you are 80 years old? Well, Yue can.

Basketball Granny

Not only basketball! Yue can do Yoga!

82 year old granny doing yoga

Below is a short introduction about “Basket granny”. Her name is Yue Jingxia, she was born in 1936, has lived in Anhui for nearly 60 years. She starts to play basketball in her grade four in primary school.

82 years old basketball granny

basketball granny 82 years old

basketball granny 82 years old yoga


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